Another Blog?

There are lots of beauty and travel blogs out there, so why start this one?

The answer are:

  • I wanted reviews on products especially Asian beauty for Black Women. 
  • I wanted travel reviews on traveling for Deaf Black Women.   
I used a lot of products that made me break out when I was younger. Of course, blogs like these were not around to warned me the dangers of AHA that would leave me with a messed up skin that I am STILL trying to clear up decades later.

Then I learned of Asian beauty products. Some products were hit and some were misses but damn did my skin looked better.  

Asian beauty products have been my saving grace.  From Serums with Ginseng to toners and essences that help lighten my discolorations. I've had skincare success that has always eluded me with western products.  

I've decided to take it a step further and incorporate my love traveling to the blog.

TWB (Traveling while Black) is a real thing. As much as non-melanin people like to dismiss or ignore,  Black people especially Black Women often have to deal with racism and prejudices overseas.  It is also extremely hard if your Black and have a disability.

So here's my blog of  different products, makeups, and other ravings of a deaf woman in the city.